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Commercial law and Company law:

Intervention on the aspects of the commercial legislation and those relative to the company law. We accompany companies since their creation and on the occasion of their operations of restructuring: merger, acquisition, split, transfer of control, joined venture, privatization and acquisition of holdings … We also bring our councils and our assistance to ailing firms

Banking and financial law:

Council in structured and targeted financial transactions (initial public offering, appreciation). Implementation of systems elaborated by guarantees;
Dispute in banking and financial responsibility.

Law of the relations of the work:
Individual and collective connections between employees and employers: negotiation, editorial staff and execution of contracts of employment; redundancies and negotiated departures; deals; participation and wage profit-sharing; expatriation of the employees, the collective agreements; dispute..
Union and straight law of the Social Security

Land and real estate law:
- Fronts contracts and contracts concerning real-estate assets;
- Complex real estate editing;
- Optimization of the real estate tax system;
- Council law of the town planning;
- Assistance in credit transactions real estate large-scale, real estate leasing;
- Real estate disputes.

Law of the competition, the distribution and the consumption:
- Correspondence with the rules of the law of the competition;
- Representation in front of the authorities of competition;
- Action in unfair competition;
- Implementation of distribution network: contracts of franchising commercial agency, push or exclusive technology, subcontracting, commercial cooperation;
- Dispute of the competition: abuse of dominant position, prohibited agreements.

The industrial property law:
- Intervention upstream on the occasion of the industrial acquisition of property rights, assistance on the occasion of act of transfer, capital invested, concession of license, pledge and if necessary, within the framework of actions in forgery.
- Management, updating and dispute of the law of the industrial property.

The intellectual property law, the new information technologies and communication law:
- Protection of the protected works;
- Assistance and council in contracts of operation of copyright
- Contracts and computing markets, e-commerce.

Maritime and air law:
- Responsibility of the owners and the carriers.
- Agreements of chartering or transport.
- Passenger rights and compensation procedures

Right of the insurances:
Relations assured insurers; dispute of the insurances.

Public law:
Public Contracts: procurement contracts, delegation of public utility, public service contracts and of partnership.

Administrative law:
questioning of the responsibility of the State and the representation in front of the administrative and judicial courts.

Criminal law:
Assistance and defence in case of questioning of a penal responsibility.

Legal and contractual audit:
Audit of companies; social audit; audit and diagnosis of the procedures and the commercial formalities.

Family law, inheritance, property law:
liquidation of the estate, patronymic names, parentage, marriage

Environmental law:
renewable energy law, water law, air law
assistance to the implementation of green projects and renewable energy projects, environmental criminal law

Legal & Juridical advising in Energy and Sustainable Energy project acquisition and financing, and land and/or real estate lease acquisition.

Assistance and Consultancy in contractual agreements, energy buying, and provision, subscription, building contracts, and operating & maintenance contracts.

Assistance and advising in the conception, development, building, and operating of sustainable energy production units such as wind, solar, hydro-electric, and biomass plants.

Consultancy in the request procedures regarding the various authorizations required from national, regional, and departmental regulatory organisms, and customer assistance in terms of legal conformity and subsequent applicable laws.

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