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- commercial law
Moroccan Commercial law
Law n° 06-99 of the freedom of the prices and the competition
the dahir concerning the leases of buildings or premices rented in commercial or home-made custom
- company law

law on SNC, SCS, SCA, SARL and joint-venture companies

the company law on unknown persons
the law on the economics interest groups (EIG)
- Droit Bancaire - Droit des assurances
law n°34-03 relative to credit institutions and assimilated bodies (banking law)
- Labor law
employment law
 decrees of application of the employment law
- Renewable energy law
Law n° 11-03 for protection and development of environment.
 Law n° 12-03 relating to the environment’s impact studies.
Law n°40-09 relating to the National Electricity and Potable Water Office (O.N.E.E).
 Law n°13-09 relating to the sustainable energies.
Law n° 16-09 establishing the National Agency for the Development of Sustainable Energies and Energetic Efficiency (ADEREE).
 Law n°47-09 relating to the energetic effiency.
Law n° 57-09 establishing the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN).
 Law n° 32-10 amending and completing the Moroccan commercial code, relating to the payment periods.
Law n° 32-09 relating to the organization of the notary's profession.
 Law n° 39-08 relating to real rights.
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