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Born in Fes on April 20th, 1955
Business lawyer in the Bar of Casablanca since 1985
Married, four children

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Academic course:
1977: Law Bachelor's degree, Law Faculty,Casablanca
1978: University degree of higher studies, Civil law
1979: University degree of higher studies, Corporate Law
1984: Diploma of higher studies in legal sciences
1990: State doctorate in private law

Professional life:
• Higher education professor, Law Faculty, University Hassan II Ain-Chock of Casablanca, since 1980
• High schools professor at ISCAE, ESG, ESCA, IMM (...)
• Visiting professor, Faculties of law of Toulouse and Perpignan, French high schools such as PARIS HEC and ROUEN HEC

• Contractual and Technical business law
• Banking and financial law
• Commercial, competition, restructuration, consumption and company law
• Introduction to the study of law
• Special Criminal law

University activities:
• Co-founder, UFR Corporate law,Faculty of law of Casablanca.
• Coordinator, Bachelor's degree in corporate law, Faculty of law of Casablanca.
• President of the Private law Department, Faculty of law of Casablanca.
• Second Vice-president of the Legal, economic and social Research center of Casablanca

• Author of several studies and specialized legal articles.
• Legal audit, contractual techniques and Company law.
• Author of several studies for the benefit of national or foreign institutions.

Legal activities
• Active member of several professional associations such as the AMACI, the SOMADE …
• Founder and member, Association Henri Capitant of the friends of the French legal culture (Morroccan Section)
• Legal advisor, Professional Association of Broking firms.
• Consultant, Legal and Tax committee, C.G.E.M
• Consultant, Banks and insurance companies.

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